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Sometimes ear wax may not always be the issue when dealing with hearing loss. If you require further help, HearUBetter can advise you whether it’s further medical help, routine aftercare, or seeking another medical professional.

We can offer advice if needed on the various pathways available with other providers such as the NHS or other private clinics.

Prior Treatment – Wax Removal


  • Does Microsuction hurt?

In most cases, ear wax micro suction does not hurt at all, as the medical suction unit uses a very gentle level of suction. It can be a little noisy, but not a lot more than the noise of a hand dryer or vacuum cleaner. While some websites say that softening with ear drops is not necessary, we believe that using Earol olive oil spray for three days before your procedure will make it more comfortable and maximize the chances of 100% ear wax removal.

  • Is Microsuction Completely Safe?

Microsuction is considered to be the safest method of ear wax removal. Most procedures pass completely without incident, which is partly down to the inherent efficiency and safety of the method, and partly down to the skill of our practitioners.

Like any medical procedure, despite our best efforts and high level of training, sometimes things happen that we would rather not happen. These tend to be minor, and few and far between

  • Can we treat children?

Unfortunately, we can only see patients over the age of 16. For anyone under this age, we do advise you to contact your local GP or NHS provider.

  • Are same-day appointments available?

Yes, however, this is subject to availability and prior significant usage of drops to soften the wax. Also, we are currently only open on Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. 

  • Is there any Aftercare? 

In most cases after ear wax removal the use of any drops is not needed.

However, the use of olive oil drops every fortnight can help keep ear wax soft and may reduce the build-up of ear wax. But please consult the audiologist during the appointment and they can advise you further if necessary.

  • What should I expect on the day of my appointment?

Using olive oil a few days before the appointment can help with ear wax removal but may not be necessary. Please get in touch with us and we will advise you further. The fully qualified audiologist will ask about your medical history and examine your ears with an otoscope before safely removing ear wax using microsuction. The procedure may take 10-20 minutes depending on how many ears are treated, with a few minutes needed for your ears to settle afterwards.

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