Diagnostic Hearing Assessment: 

The diagnostic hearing assessment will be carried out by the HCPC-registered audiologist. This examination may take up to 45 minutes. 

1) Medical History
2) Otoscopy
3) Video Otoscopy
4) Hearing Assessment via Pure Tone Audiometry
5) Explanation of Results
6) Recommendation & Management

1 – Medical History – Detailed information relating to ear health, general health, and hearing concerns. 

2 – Otoscopy – View the inside of the ear with a medical instrument called an otoscope which will show the health of the ear canal and eardrum.

3 – Video Otoscopy – Live video displaying the inside of your ear including the ear canal and eardrum. 

4Hearing Assessment via Pure Tone Audiometry – The hearing test is carried out via Pure Tone Audiometry with Air-Conduction and Bone-Conduction testing at a full range of frequencies to diagnose any type of hearing loss in the auditory pathway. 

5 – Explanation of Results – The Audiologist will discuss your hearing test results and will be able to diagnose and suggest possible causes of your hearing problems. 

6 – Recommendation & Management – The audiologist will recommend the best management for you based on the results shown. 

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